About Me

“Listen to my feet and I will tell you the story of my life”- John Bubbles


My name is Rachel Kuers and welcome to a blog all about Tap! I grew up in Frisco, Texas and dance has always been an essential part of my life. For twenty years, tap has provided me with joy, stress relief, exercise, friends, and the ultimate ability to express myself. I did competitive tap for almost 15 years until I left for college. At Texas A&M University (Class of 2016 Whoop!), I was able to join and be a leader in Dance Arts Society and expand their styles to include tap! The joy of tap is that you can do it anywhere. You technically don’t even need tap shoes but can tap with tennis shoes, boots or even heels! Also all it takes is a wood floor (or even a small square piece like those tap floor you can buy) or even concrete. Letting yourself get lost in the ability to make rhythms and tell stories through tap dance is an awesome way to relieve stress and to exercise all in one!

In your ever changing life, tap has been the ability to be a constant; always there for you and always there to help. It’s more than a dance form, but an expression of life and we need to share our love of tap with everyone throughout this blog. My goal is to create a communtiy for all the tappers and tap dancer lovers out there with a great library of YouTube dance videos everyone can use for inspiration or for just the enjoyment of watching these masterpieces. I also hope to share my experience with choreography and provide y’all with some tips and thoughts on creating even better tap dances. Here’s to all the people who tap dance under their desks, down grocery aisles, or even with their hands on a steering wheel! Feel free to contact me as I would love to hear from others who share this love for tap dance.

First Tap Dance Picture!

Final Tap Dance!