How to Warm-Up those Tappin’ Feet: Video of my warm-up combo

Hey y’all! So check out my video of my warm-up combo that I begin my tap classes with! All you need is some songs with a good beat. For this video I used Uptown Funk and Timber. My warm-ups are typically 5-15 minutes depending on how long I’ve been with a certain groups of students and time of year. (For example in the fall it would be longer, but by competition season it shortens so we can work on our dance!) This combo is very repetitive because I don’t teach it but let the students learn how to catch on by watching, which I think is a very important skill to learn. Warm-ups are personal and all about getting your body ready for an intense tap class. As the year goes by and your students learn more steps, you can start letting them lead the warm-up each week. So check out this video and let me know if you have any questions at all!


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