“I Can’t Do It Alone:” Choreography is a group effort with your dancers!

Hey y’all! I was finally able to find a recording of one of my choreography pieces and I’m so excited to share it with you! First I want everyone to watch the video below. What Savion Glover and George Wolfe discuss is exactly how I thought and worked with my dancers to create every tap number I ever choreographed. I love how Wolfe says that “tension is the worst thing you can bring into the room” and the importance of mess to “create something something wonderful.” You definitely have to feel the room and work with the dancers you have to create something that works for everyone and by having a fun, production atmosphere, you can end up with an even better dance number than you originally planned!

Now check out one of my first choreography pieces, “I Can’t Do It Alone” from Chicago the Musical. It’s a mix of musical theater and tap and was a way for me to branch out from just pure tap dances. After this, I even expanded to doing jazz and musical theatre pieces without tap. While tap will always remain my main passion and joy, I did get more dancers to audition for the jazz/musical theater pieces just because more dancers do this style. Hope you enjoy this! And then because like any art form, tap choreograph can always be worked on longer and keep improving in my opinion, check out the attached podcast to listen to my thought process and analyze of this dance!


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