Super Heroes Can Tap Dance Too! Check out Grant Gustin dancing on The Flash last week

What fun when I sat down to enjoy dinner and watch one of my favorite TV shows, The Flash, and was welcomed with this fantastic number! During an interview Grant Gustin (who plays Barry Allen in The Flash) stated that he used to tour with an Elvis themed all guy tap group. I love when shows surprise you with dance elements because it reminds us how many of these actors/actresses have dance and singing backgrounds. Check out the scene from Flash below! It might seem cheesy to many of you but since in the episode Flash and Supergirl are in a musical script, this dance fits perfectly in those conditions! Then keep on strolling to see other examples of tap in everyday TV shows and movies!

This show has been over for a couple seasons, but Psych from the USA network worked tap into a couple of there episodes. The end of “Feet Don’t Kill Me Now” has an amazing tap duet with Dule Hill (who plays Gus) and Jason Samuels Smith (the teacher in this clip) but I couldn’t find it sadly… Also Lassiter dances with the kids class for a good laugh. If you can find this episode, its a great one to watch!

This show did it all, love or hate it. Below is a great tap dance sequence from Season 3, when Rachel and Kurt go to meet other applicants for the Performing Arts College that are applying for after graduation. To say they were intimated after this performance would be to put it mildly….

This was a random find from YouTube but I thought it was interesting that a young kids show would have an entire episode devoted to tap. Gotta start them young 😉

Hail Caesar! is a movie that came out last year and has a cast with lots of famous people. In this scene, Channing Tatum says he trained for 3 months to learn the tap for this 5 minute routine. It’s very enjoyable and totally feels like something out of On The Town (Gene Kelly, Frank Sinatra, Jules Munshin) with the sailor uniforms and being in a bar. The film is about a Hollywood fixer in the 1950s trying keep all the stars out of trouble. While I haven’t seen the whole movie yet, this scene is great, especially since I have loved Channing Tatum since Step Up (another great dance movie for y’all though no tap)

Of course I couldn’t finish this post without mentioning La La Land and posting this clip! This is the movie that according to GMA and other sources is sparking a tap comeback with many people joining tap classes to learn these moves. Mandy Moore (who choreographed this) even posted a video online where you can learn the steps to “A Lovely Night” which you can easily find by googling.

Hopefully these fun Easter eggs of tap scenes keep continuing. Let me know where you’ve seen tap lately!


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